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Did you purchase a home in 2022?

This is your reminder, if you have not already filed, to please complete your homestead exemption by March 1st. This is for primary home purchases in Florida only in 2022.

Directions to file your homestead exemption: 1. Make sure that you are eligible for the exemption. To qualify, you must be a legal resident of Florida and the property must be your primary residence. 2. You can obtain the homestead exemption application form from your county property appraiser's office, or you can download it from the county's website. (link below) 3. You will need to provide information for proof of Florida residency, such as a Florida driver's license or voter registration card. 4. You will need to submit the form to your county property appraiser's office by March 1st. 5. The county property appraiser's office will review your application and notify you of the outcome.

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